Yara International to Supply Ammonia Bunkers to Trafigura

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday June 7, 2021

Commodity trader Trafigura has signed an agreement with Yara International to work together on the development and promotion of ammonia as a marine fuel.

Under the memorandum of understanding Yara will supply ammonia to Trafigura Group companies, the companies said in an emailed statement. A Trafigura representative declined to comment on whether this would include supplying ammonia to Trafigura's bunkering joint venture TFG Marine or its customers.

The two firms will also explore joint research and development initiatives and develop ammonia marine fuel infrastructure and market opportunities.

The statement uses the term 'clean ammonia' to encompass both blue ammonia -- made with hydrogen taken as a by-product of fossil fuel production and use -- and green ammonia with the hydrogen made using renewable electricity.

"This agreement is another good example of cross-industry collaboration to develop and promote zero-emission fuel in the form of clean ammonia for the shipping industry," Magnus Krogh Ankarstrand, president of Yara Clean Ammonia, said in the statement.

"Building clean ammonia value chains is critical to facilitate the transition to zero emission fuels by enabling the hydrogen economy – not least within trade and distribution where both Yara and Trafigura have leading capabilities.

"Demand and supply of clean ammonia need to be developed in tandem."

Yara produces 8.5 million mt/year of ammonia.