Furetank Seeks to Run Eight Tankers on Bio-LNG by 2030

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday June 22, 2021

Swedish shipping company Furetank is seeking to run eight of its new tankers on bio-LNG as soon as 2030.

The second of the company's eight new tankers, the Fure Viten, left the shipyard this week, Furetank said in a statement on its website on Tuesday. 

The ships will at first run on LNG, but the company hopes to eliminate its use of fossil fuels in due course.

"The next step will be to operate the ships completely without fossil fuels," Lars Hoglund, CEO of Furetank, said in the statement.

"We are in the process of securing the supply of larger quantities of biogas within a year or so, through an exclusive agreement with a supplier.

"My view is that in 2030 we will run these vessels largely on LBG with zero fossil emissions."

The company will own four of the eight tankers and operate the other four.