Yara Marine Joins International Windship Association

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday June 9, 2021

Engineering company Yara Marine Technologies has joined marine wind propulsion industry body the International Windship Association.

The move follows Yara's partnership with BAR Technologies, announced in April, to sell and develop the solid wing sails system, WindWings, Yara said in an emailed statement on Tuesday.

"BAR Technologies' bespoke naval architecture gave us the perfect entry point, bringing WindWings to the maritime sector," Alexander Askeland, CSO at Yara Marine, said in the statement.

"Simulations demonstrate that WindWings save 30 percent fuel and CO2 emissions on average trading patterns.

"Wind technology is finally mature and can achieve significant benefits for both ship-owners and the environment.

"We already experience massive interest in the market, and are ready for orders.

Shipowners are increasingly taking on complementary wind propulsion systems as a means of cutting their fuel consumption and emissions.