Titan LNG and Petronas Bunker New Gas-Powered Tanker in Malaysia

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday July 19, 2021

Gas supplier Titan LNG and energy company Petronas have bunkered a new gas-powered tanker in Malaysia.

The two firms supplied Furetank Rederi's new tanker the Fure Viten with LNG bunkers at Pasir Guadang on July 15, Titan LNG said in a LinkedIn post last week.

"The new vessel brings Furetank closer to the UN 2050 climate goals for shipping," the company said in the statement.

"Thanks to gas propulsion and a unique combination of fuel-saving solutions, it reaches a very low EEDI value of 4.65.

"This means that Furetank's new vessel series today already meet the emission targets for 2050."

The Fure Viten, the second in a series of eight gas-powered tankers under construction for Furetank Rederi, left the shipyard last month.