Choosing Which Fuel And Decarbonisation Difficult, Webinar Hears

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday September 22, 2021

A Wartsila Webinar poll put energy saving above alternative fuels as the participants' preferred response to decarbonising shipping by 2030.

But the webinar panellists put the poll result in context saying that while ship operators would reach out for energy-saving solutions first, the pressure to take a decision on alternative fuels would grow.

"As the requirements [to decarbonise] tighten, you will have to think about the type of fuel you will use [on your ship]," Eric Nyhus, of DNV, said.

Further ahead, looking towards 2040 and 2050, the pressure will only increase, he added. 

Giulio Tirelli, of Wartsila, said that energy-saving devices can be grouped in three areas: reducing the power required by a vessel; more efficient ways of producing power; and the source of that power.

These categories are not mutually exclusive.  "We need to look at how energy-saving devices are interconnected [with other strategies]," Tirelli said.

Another webinar poll had regulatory pressure leading the other drivers in shipping's race to decarbonise.

The Finnish engineering firm is running a series of webinars this week on decarbonisation.