Stena Bulk to Offer Low-Carbon Shipping Options to Customers

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday June 22, 2020

Shipping company Stena Bulk is set to offer its customers the option to pay extra for their freight requirement to come with a lower carbon footprint, the company said Monday.

Following a recent trial of a 100% biofuel bunker used in a transatlantic voyage, the company now plans to offer its customers a range of low-carbon shipping options, Stena said in an emailed statement.

The options will include using biofuel blends from 20% up to 100%, the company said. 

Rather than guaranteeing the actual ship the customer's cargo travels on will be running on biofuels, the customer will pay for a share of Stena's biofuel consumption across its entire fleet.

"This allows customers to make use of low-carbon shipping options regardless of fuel availability on the specific route," the company said.

"It also guarantees that operation is performed without any disturbance to the shipment."