SEA-LNG Simplifies Naming of Renewable LNG Variants

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday December 8, 2021

LNG bunker advocates SEA-LNG have moved to simplify the naming of renewable variants of traditional LNG, and will now call them all "renewable synthetic LNG".

As the industry looks to decarbonize, LNG advocates have long pushed for a pathway that sees the usage of fossil LNG now, moving into the use of non-fossil LNG once supplies become commercially viable.

"The end goal of this pathway, to deliver net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, requires the production of synthetic LNG from renewable electricity," notes SEA-LNG.

"In recent months, ‘renewable synthetic LNG’ has been referred to variously as carbon-based liquid methane, e-methane, eLNG, Synthetic Natural Gas, SNG, electro-methane, green methane, liquid green methane, liquefied synthetic methane (LSM), and hydrogen-based LNG. Among SEA-LNG members, naming of the product is not always consistent.

"We’ve taken this step because we feel the term is clear and self-explanatory"

SEA-LNG says "renewable" references that the LNG is produced from renewable electricity such as solar and wind, while "synthetic" references the fact it is a manufactured product and is not based on fossil-fuels nor derived directly from biomass.

The group also stressed that renewable synthetic LNG is still chemically identical to traditional fossil LNG, and thus can be burned in existing LNG-fuelled vessels and delivered using existing LNG bunkering infrastructure.