Seaside LNG Moves Bunker Delivery Vessel to Galveston

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday November 9, 2023

LNG bunker supplier Seaside LNG is setting up a new supply operation in Galveston.

The firm has signed an LNG bunkering term contract with Carnival Corporation to supply its cruise ship theĀ Carnival JubileeĀ at Galveston from next month, it said in a press release on Wednesday.

The company will relocate its delivery vessel the Clean JacksonvilleĀ from Jacksonville to Galveston for the new operation.

"We were the first to introduce LNG-powered cruise ships into the North American market, and we'll be the first to introduce our LNG fleet to Galveston with the Carnival Jubilee," Tom Strang, senior vice president for maritime affairs at Carnival, said in the statement.

"We appreciate Seaside for moving quickly to mobilize, find supply, and bring the parties together to create a new LNG supply chain to support our LNG bunkering needs."

LNG remains the dominant alternative fuel choice for now, with supply set up at almost all major bunkering locations. But the future viability of LNG-fuelled ships will rely on the rollout of bio- and synthetic LNG at these ports as well, as shipping firms seek to deliver lower GHG emissions.