Ammonia Bunkering Plans in Progress on US West Coast

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday April 11, 2024

A group of companies is looking into whether ammonia bunker supply can be set up on the US West Coast.

The American Bureau of Shipping, CALAMCO, Fleet Management Ltd, Sumitomo Corporation and TOTE Services have signed a memorandum of understanding to conduct a feasibility study on the issue.

The study will be carried out at the ports of Oakland and Benicia, as well as covering nearby major ports on the US West Coast.

CALAMCO is the largest ammonia distributor in California, and the study will look at the possibility of using its storage terminal at Stockton for a pilot demonstration of ammonia bunkering for car carriers.

"We are excited to support the exploration of ammonia bunkering in the US West Coast," Dan Stone, president of CALAMCO, said in a statement announcing the plans.

"As one of the few ammonia storage & handling facilities in the geographical area, CALAMCO is well positioned to serve the growing needs of the maritime industry.

"CALAMCO has many years of safe and efficient operational experience at the Port of Stockton."

Ammonia is widely expected to take up a significant share of future marine energy demand because of its lack of associated carbon emissions. But further research and development work will need to be completed first looking into how its toxicity can be managed when handling it as a bunker fuel.