Singapore: Ascenz Publishes White Paper on Accurate Bunkering Practice

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday November 22, 2019

Singapore-Based Ascenz Solutions Pte Ltd (Ascenz) has released a new white paper highlighting how technology can assist with accurate bunkering practices.

"Fuel costs make up to 30% - 70% of the overall ship operating costs, depending on the ship type. Hence, it is important to accurately quantify the amount of bunker fuel used on the vessel using the Coriolis mass flow metering (MFM) system," Ascenz says.

"Using MFM is important as it is a starting point towards effective bunkering monitoring. With its deep experience and understanding of accurate bunkering monitoring, Ascenz has developed a new approach to automatically filtering down operations that has significant anomalies."

The company notes it has installed over 1,400 MFM and manages about 450 vessels around the world including container vessels, workboats, bunker barges and tankers.

"Reliable Bunkering Practices Enhanced By New Technologies" is available at no cost via the companies website: