Zhoushan Eyes Bunker Growth, Improved Services

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday June 26, 2019

Bunkering monitoring devices, which are fixed to bunker barges, will be deployed in the southern Chinese port of Zhoushan.

The mass flow meters (MFM), which are already in use in Singapore, are used to promote trust between bunker fuel buyers and sellers as the volume of fuel transmitted during a bunkering operation is recorded electronically.

At present, Zhoushan has a single bunker barge equipped with a MFM but plans to install them across the port's 50-strong bunkering fleet, according to price reporting agency Argus Media.

Investment in bunker infrastructure and services has been significant over the past two years with a new anchorage area, 17 new berths, and nine more to come.

Bunker sales at Zhoushan were 3.6 million metric tonnes (mt) of marine fuels last year. That figure is expected to have doubled by 2021, the report said.