SMW 2021: Singapore Launches Two-Month Consultation on Decarbonisation

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday April 19, 2021

Singapore's government is seeking suggestions for how it should address decarbonisation in the run-up to 2050

The government has launched a two-month consultation exercise seeking suggestions and views on the city-state's Maritime Singapore Decarbonisation Blueprint 2050, Ong Ye Kung, minister for transport, said at the launch of the Singapore Maritime Week 2021 event on Monday.

The consultation will focus on port terminals, domestic harbour craft, future marine fuels and bunkering standards, the Singapore Registry of Ships, efforts at the International Maritime Organization, carbon accounting awareness and capabilities and maritime decarbonisation research and development, according to the Maritime and Port Authority.

The consultation will seek answers to the following questions:

  • How can Singapore better mitigate the emissions from our port terminals and harbour craft? What are the measures MPA can take to facilitate the gradual transition of domestic harbour craft to adopt low-carbon alternative fuels?
  • How strongly does your company prioritise the adoption of solutions for vessel efficiency and new fuels? What 'green' initiatives, programmes or tools can help to accelerate your company's adoption of such green solutions and new fuels?
  • What new 'green' jobs types/roles do you expect to emerge in Singapore? How can companies prepare our maritime workforce for such jobs/roles?
  • What concrete steps can MPA and its stakeholders take to facilitate cooperation across the maritime value chain? What are the areas that MPA should look into in order to ready for a greener, more sustainable international shipping?
  • In what ways can Singapore continue to support the IMO in its efforts to implement the Initial IMO Strategy, in particular the crucial upcoming tasks of developing mid-term and long-term measures to reduce GHG emissions from ships?
  • How can MPA drive greater awareness on carbon accounting and reporting amongst Singapore-based companies?
  • How can Singapore be a hub for R&D and technology development for maritime decarbonisation? How do you think your company could participate under a global maritime decarbonisation centre based in Singapore?

The government has set a deadline of June 18 to provide suggestions. For more information, click here.