Port of Ceuta Offers Weather Tracking Service to Boost Bunker Volumes

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday March 1, 2021

The Port Authority of Ceuta is seeking to attract more bunkering customers with a free tool providing information on weather and sea conditions around the port.

The port authority has co-financed the SAMOA 2 project in conjunction with 17 other port authorities, developing "personalised systems for consulting and exploiting oceanographic and meteorological information," a representative told Ship & Bunker on Friday.

This has led to it developing a free program, Cuadro de Mando Ambiental, which provides real-time updates on this information as regards to Ceuta.

"With this tool, internal tasks of the local institution are facilitated, such as the planning of activity closures, the optimized use of moorings and esplanades, operations with cranes, pilotage tasks, the fight against marine pollution or the quality control of water, among others," the representative said.