Portuguese Operator Orders 10 Fully Battery-Powered Ferries

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday April 7, 2021

Portuguese river passenger transport operator Transtejo – Transportes Tejo, S.A. (Transtejo) has ordered 10 fully-electric electric ferries from shipbuilders Gondan.

The Spanish yard said the contract was signed in January following an international public tender in October 2020.

Construction can now commence as it has received the approval of the Portuguese Court of Auditors.

The 40-metre long catamaran-style ferries will have 2MWh of battery storage and a capacity of around 540 passengers.

While battery tech is some distance from realizing fully electric, battery-powered deep-sea vessels, the Transtejo order comes as part of a growing trend of using battery power for ferries thanks to their smaller size and shorter journey times.