Ocean Rebellion Sees Message Opportunity in G7 Summit

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday June 9, 2021

Activists from environmentalist group Ocean Rebellion (OR) are aiming to highlight the issue of oil-derived bunker fuel at next week's G7 summit.

The summit, which is being held in the southwest corner of the UK, has triggered a high level off security with a special ship chartered by the UK government to house the extra personnel.

OR organiser Rob Higgs told local news provider the Falmouth Packet that the ship's journey from Estonia promoted excessive carbon use.

Once docked, "it will still run its auxiliary engines" and cause more pollution, he was quoted as saying.

The group has targeted cruise ships moored off the UK's southern coastline by adorning their hulls with light-generated slogans.

OR wants a total ban on heavy fuel oil and overhaul the International Maritime Organisation, the UN body which oversees shipping.

OR is a loose grouping of activists with a base in the Cornish port of Falmouth.