Petrol Ofisi Wins ISCC Certification for Marine Biofuel Supply

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday May 13, 2024

The marine arm of fuel supplier Petrol Ofisi has won ISCC certification for handling biofuels.

PO Marine has been awarded the certification for procuring biofuels and other raw materials, it said in an emailed statement on Friday.

ISCC certification demonstrates a firm's environmental credentials, and is increasingly used as an indicator that a supplier can responsibly handle biofuels and guarantee their sustainability.

"We pursue all necessary steps to help us achieve our net zero goal without compromising our sustainability policy," Aydın Yıldız, head of marine sales at Petrol Ofisi, said in the statement.

"This certification, which confirms our environmental sensitivity and efforts to impact the maritime sector positively, is a testament to our investments in a sustainable and net zero future in the maritime industry.

"As PO/Marine, we will continue our efforts to enhance our strong infrastructure at sea and further strengthen our leadership with our sustainability approach."