Fish Waste to Be Used in Biofuel Bunker Production

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday May 4, 2022

Waste from fish farms has been successfully turned into usable bunker fuel in the UK.

The UK-based project has brought university and industry researchers together to produce the IMO 2020-compliant fuel.

The efficacy of the unblended sustainable marine fuel was demonstrated using a motor launch at a reservoir near Port Talbot.

"This truly sustainable hydrocarbon is comparable in properties to marine distillates and suitable as a drop-in fuel for marine engines, without modification to propulsion or fuel systems, and without additives or restrictions on blend percentages," said Green Fuels Research's (GFR) Paul Hilditch.

GFR is focused on providing renewable fuels to tthe aviation and marine sectors and is backed by UK govermment grants.