Converting an Open-Loop Scrubber to a Hybrid is 'Simple': Yara Marine

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday January 27, 2020

Shipowners with open-loop scrubber models can convert them into hybrid models if they are concerned about discharge bans, without the need for dry-docking, according to scrubber manufacturer Yara Marine.

"The open loop/hybrid selection issue does not affect the SOx scrubber suppliers, being agnostic to the washwater discharge issue," Kai Laatun, the company's director of sales and public affairs, wrote in a post on its website Thursday.

"We can deliver both solutions anyway, and even upgrading an open loop system to a hybrid is simple and does not require any dry docking."

Open-loop scrubber models discharge the effluent from the scrubber into the sea, and a range of port authorities have introduced discharge bans on concern that the marine environment may be threatened.

These discharge bans force scrubber-equipped ships operating in these areas to turn the systems off and use 0.50% sulfur fuels.

Meanwhile hybrid models can operate in closed-loop mode instead where needed, retaining the effluent from the scrubber on board for disposal elsewhere.

The vast majority of scrubber sales so far are thought to have been of open-loop models, and the ability to upgrade these systems with little disruption would be attractive to shipowners with vessels frequently operating in areas with discharge bans.