Royston Eyes Maximum Bunker Savings Through Optimum Voyage Speeds

Wednesday July 11, 2018

Royston Diesel Power (Royston) today said it has developed new algorithms as part of its enginei electronic fuel management system (EFMS) to enable ship operators to identify and maintain optimum vessel speeds, maximizing bunker savings in the process.

"Ecospeed calculates a unique optimum performance profile for individual vessels by taking into account a range of shipping data including fuel use, speed and distance, as well as sea state, wind speed and current," Royston explains.

"This information is gathered during a dedicated sea trial or from a vessel's existing enginei system installation and is used to identify optimum vessel speeds in different conditions to ensure that maximum fuel efficiencies are maintained."

The ecospeed module also provides details of carbon emissions and voyage duration.

"Our onboard tests and pilot ecospeed installations have shown that systematically identified economic speeds are invariably different to crew perceptions based on their experience and can have a significant impact on fuel use and costs," said Damian McCann, product manager for enginei fuel management systems at Royston.

The algorithms were developed in partnership with marine engineering specialists from Newcastle University.