VPS, Normec Verifavia Partner on Vessel Fuel, Emissions Data

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday June 17, 2024

VPS and Normec Verifavia today announced they have signed a partnership agreement to offer vessel owners high-quality emissions data from vessel operations.

VPS will leverage its existing activities for data-driven decarbonization while Normec Verifavia will use its position as an independent third-party data verifier.

The first step of the partnership is to offer verification for VPS customers using Maress, a data-driven decarbonisation tool for the offshore industry that handles fuels and emissions optimization.

"We see a rapid development where the market is no longer willing to take the risk of not knowing precisely what the emissions from operations are,” said Jan Wilhelmsson, COO, Digital & Decarbonisation of VPS.

“We are excited about the fact that the partnership with Normec Verifavia enables all Maress users to get their emission numbers verified. It will literally be a one stop shop for data collection, analytics, collaboration and verified emission reporting."