StormGeo Reminds on Bunker, Emissions Savings Potential of Weather Routing

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday April 3, 2018

With the need to reduce bunker consumption, and their associated emissions, firmly back on ship operators' minds, StormGeo has highlighted the potential savings weather routing can provide.

Specifically, StormGeo says its ship routing services helped Aurora Tankers Management save 33 hours and $13,940 on one voyage.

The voyage from Balboa to Ningbo was undertaken by a chemical tanker carrying bulk liquid chemical cargoes and the savings were calculated in relation to the captain's intended route.

At 9212.4 NM, StormGeo's route was nearly 400 NM longer than the route originally envisage by the captain, but buy placing the vessel to the south of heavier swells generated by northern Pacific Ocean storm centres, the steaming time at sea was reduced by 33 hours, the company explained.

In turn, this enabled the vessel to save 41 metric tonnes (mt) of fuel, valued at $13,940, and corresponding CO2 emissions of 123 mt.