Alphatanker: Long Commercial Life of Chemical Tankers Makes Wind Power Particularly Attractive

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday December 31, 2020

The use of wind power technology to reduce a ship's fuel consumption and emissions may become attractive for chemical tanker owners, according to shipping intelligence service Alphatanker.

The economics of installing Flettner rotors, sails or kites may be particularly suitable for these ships because of their longer commercial life, Alphatanker said in its weekly newsletter Thursday.

"When retrofitting the technology to an existing unit to help it comply with the EEXI, we believe that it will only be economically attractive for tankers which would have an expected remaining trading life of more than 10 years," the company said.

"Indeed, rather than being installed on larger dirty or CPP tankers which tend to have a relatively short trading life of 15-20 years, the technology could be of interest to chemical tankers which generally trade longer.

"Considering the small size of chemical tankers this could favour either sails or rotors on the larger units but kites on the smaller units."

Tankers equipped with wind power systems could command a 'hefty premium' versus those without, Alphaliner said, but this premium would be likely to vary significantly depending on wind conditions.

The cost of the technology could amount to as much as 10% of the final delivered cost of a new tanker, Alphaliner said.