MOL Invests in New Scrubber Design for California Car Carriers

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday May 10, 2022

Shipping firm MOL is providing funds towards the development of a new scrubber design for use by its car carriers in California.

The firm has signed a deal to fund exhaust treatment company Clean Air Engineering Maritime, Inc. (CAEM) to design a new system for MOL-operated car carriers to use in Californian waters from 2025, it said in a statement on its website on Tuesday.

The California Air Resources Board at-berth regulations on marine emissions, in force for container ships since 2007, are due to be extended to car carriers from 2025. The new scrubber system will be designed to meet these standards.

"CAEM is honoured to partner with MOL on the latest design and production of our marine exhaust treatment system, the "METS-3", which will meet the challenges of capturing and treating exhaust from car carriers," Nick Tonsich, president of CAEM, said in the statement.

"MOL is again at the forefront of developing and implementing environmental technologies which eliminate impacts from operations."