Design for Wind and Methanol Powered Cruise Ship Unveiled

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday April 10, 2024

As vessel designers turn their attention to more sustainable power solutions, Norway-based YSA Design has unveiled its concept for a sail and methanol-powered catamaran cruise ship.

Codenamed Seabreeze and aimed at ‘premium-end cruise guests’, the vessel includes striking design features such as a transparent bay structure between the hulls so that guests can ‘hover’ over the sea.

Propulsion would come via four, 50m high foldable sails and engines running on bio-methanol to support both hotel and, when required, main propulsion power needs.

The ship would also be enabled with a hybrid drive to incorporate silent running on battery power.

Capacity would be for 200 guests and 155 crew, while a 4m draft and 104.5m length gives access to shallow waters.

“Sustainability is critical but cruise shipping also needs to continuously reinvent itself,” said Trond Sigurdsen, Senior Architect and Partner, YSA Design.

“A sustainable ship which brings environmentally conscious guests closer to the sea and reaches destinations others cannot is a clear opportunity at the premium end of the cruise market.”