New 4-Stroke Engine Aimed at Cruise Ship and Ferry Market

Wednesday September 13, 2017

A powerful, 4-stroke marine diesel engine aimed at the cruise and roll on/roll off vessel segment has been launched by marine engineering company MAN Diesel & Turbo.

The new engine promises added power, fuel efficiency and adaptability.

Vessels, such as ro/ros and dredgers, require high density engine power.

MAN Diesel said that its two-stage, turbocharger module and low fuel consumption will allow operators to profit from "maximized peak pressure and optimal utilization".

The new unit has the best of the current 48/60CR unit and brings in new technologies such as two-stage turbo charging and specific fuel oil consumption, according to the company.

It can also be adapted to handle duel-fuel

The first set of V-type engines will be available from end-2020 with delivery of the first L-type engines due from 2022.