FuelSafe Changeover Solution Launched by Auramarine

Wednesday December 6, 2017

Auramarine has launched FuelSafe, which it hails as an advanced solution for accurate fuel temperature and viscosity control throughout the fuel changeover process.

Auramarine's solution, initiates the fuel changover process from the fuel selector and is steered automatically by sensors that provide real-time data ensure properties are in control.

"Each vessel has different specifications, and we find it essential that the fuel changeover system is designed accordingly with the necessary range of features to ensure a safe and reliable changeover process," said Ole Skatka Jensen, CEO at Auramarine.

Auramarine explains that a successful fuel changeover will see the fuel viscosity stabilised through controlled heating or cooling to compensate the temperature difference, up to 100°C.

While the viscosity should not drop below 2cSt or exceed the limit specified for the engine, Auramarine also notes that the temperature change at engine inlet cannot be higher than 2°C/minute to protect the fuel system equipment from thermal shock.

"The need for this solution emerged from the demand for urgent troubleshooting and repair due to loss of performance, fuel injection failures, the sticking of fuel pumps, malfunctions caused by thermal stress or even machinery seizure during changeover," said Ville Kaataja, Product Manager at Auramarine.

"A controlled changeover process will assist in preventing such malfunctions, machinery wear and downtime. Our goal was to convert this complex process into a simple and safe task for the operator."

Auramarine says the value of the new solution comes from an easy-to-operate changeover process that is controlled, cost-efficient, and predictable.

The solution is available for newbuildings, upgrades, and retrofits.