Alfa Laval Reports Success in Using Scrubber for Carbon Capture

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday July 5, 2021

A project launched by engineering company Alfa Laval and Japan's National Maritime Research Institute has reported progress in developing a carbon capture system for ships from a scrubber.

The project successfully carried out carbon capture testing using a hybrid scrubber installed on a Japanese newbuild ship, Alfa Laval said in an emailed statement on Monday.

"Alfa Laval PureSOx is a proven solution with a long track record in SOx abatement," René Diks, head of exhaust gas cleaning systems at Alfa Laval, said in the statement.

"The positive results from our project with NMRI Japan show that scrubber technology could also play a role in removing carbon at sea."

Several companies are now working on the possibility of developing scrubber systems into more of an all-purpose emissions-cleaning system that can remove greenhouse gases. TECO 2030 has called the idea 'technically and financially viable'.

If these plans are rolled out successfully, they may prove one of the cheaper ways to cut the shipping industry's GHG emissions, and extend the use of conventional bunkers by decades.

"For this project, the scope was limited to showing that a scrubber could perform the CO2 capture on board," Alfa Laval said in the statement.

"The modified PureSOx system was able to absorb CO2 from the auxiliary diesel engines in port, while operating in closed loop."