New Mega-Battery Install a Fresh Sign of Future Marine Power Trends

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday July 5, 2019

Marine battery heavyweight Corvus Energy has completed industry-first mega-battery installations on two Grimaldi Group vessels in what is yet another clear sign of where current trends in marine power are heading.

While the reality of powering large vessels at sea on batteries alone is still very far in the future, increased use of batteries for at-berth power is not only likely, but as demonstrated by Corvus' latest retrofit is possible today.

"An ESS this massive had never before been retrofitted onboard a cruise ferry vessel. It's clear now that if shipowners are willing to go green, the technology exists," says Roger Rosvold, Senior Vice President Sales at Corvus Energy.

Corvus' retrofit saw the installation of a 5.5 MWh battery energy storage systems (ESS) on each of Grimaldi Group's two Ro-Pax cruise ferries Cruise Barcelona and Cruise Roma.

They will allow the vessels to operate solely on battery power with zero emissions attributed directly to the vessel for up to four hours during port stay.

Canada-based Corvus says it has now been involved in 200+ projects, totalling over 200MWh and more than two million operating hours.