Chevron Reports VLSFO Causing Abnormal Liner Wear

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday January 18, 2021

Some types of VLSFO are causing damage to cylinder liners in ships' engines, according to Chevron Marine Lubricants.

"Some ship owners using very low-sulphur fuel oil have reported build-up of red deposits on piston crowns and top edges, sometimes combined with red iron burrs in scavenge ports," the company said in a technical paper released on Monday.

"The deposits are associated with abnormal liner wear (or scuffing) since the fuel switch, particularly on older two-stroke marine engines."

The wear is typically being noticed in vessels using VLSFO with a lower CCAI and higher estimated cetane number, the company said. Older ships closer to an overhaul were also more likely to experience the problem.

The company has been able to recommend a new engine maintenance programme to counter the problem, it said.