Quadrise Reports 7% Efficiency Gain in Emulsion Biofuel Test

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday September 2, 2021

Emulsion fuel producer Quadrise has reported up to 7% engine efficiency gains in a test of a biofuel put through its MSAR process.

Quadrise uses its MSAR technology to emulsify fuels with water, producing a fuel with lower emissions by mass.

The firm has now completed a test of its bioMSAR product on a medium-speed Wärtsilä diesel engine at the VTT facility in Finland, it said in a statement on its website on Wednesday.

The test used 5 mt of the product and compared it to diesel at a 75% load, it said.

The company saw the following results from the test, it said:

  • Engine efficiency was higher (up to 7%) than with marine diesel, increasing with engine load
  • Average calculated CO2 emissions were 26% lower than diesel on a life-cycle ("well-to-wake") basis, due to a combination of the 40% renewable glycerine content of bioMSAR™ and the higher engine efficiency

  • NOx emissions were lower than for prior HFO and MSAR® tests, and comparable to diesel, with further NOx optimisation possible

  • Smoke and particulate levels were very low, as were unburned hydrocarbons emissions, due to efficient fuel combustion

  • The existing diesel engine fuel pumps and injectors worked well with bioMSAR™

The company is carrying out further tests, and expects the results to be available by the end of this month.