New Association Launched to Promote Bunker Saving Wind Power Technology

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday November 17, 2014

A new international association, International Windship Association (IWSA), has today been launched with the aim of promoting wind propulsion for commercial shipping worldwide.

"Our goal is to be an advocate for the development of wind propulsion solutions in the industry, whether retrofit, wind-assisted, new builds or wind as the primary propulsion source," Gavin Allwright, IWSA Secretary, commented in an emailed press release.

"We recognise and applaud the efforts of the industry to reduce emissions, the increased interest in renewable energy sources and the gradual changing perceptions about wind propulsion.

"With the help of our members, supporters within the industry, academia and other stakeholders, IWSA will be sending out a clear message: wind propulsion is a serious and increasingly proven option, financially a win-win situation and we are here to work with an industry ready for change."

Established in the UK as an unincorporated, not-for-profit entity, the association says it already has 50 members and supporters including B9 Shipping (Diane Gilpin), Energy Ship / Modern Merchant Sailing Vessel (Siegfried Manzel), Fair Winds Trading Company (Madadh MacClaine), Norsepower (Tuomas Riski), Propelwind (Patrick Englebert), and Seagate Sail (Marcello Segato).

Further information regarding membership and IWSA activities can be found at the association's website at, or by contacting Gavin Allwright via