Aurelia Wins RINA Approval for Hydrogen-Powered Ro-Ro Ship Design

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday September 9, 2022

Start-up Aurelia Green Ship Concept Design has received the initial approval of RINA for a new ro-ro ship design powered by hydrogen.

The firm has received approval in principle from RINA for the ACD01 1000 design, it said in an emailed statement on Thursday.

The ship is powered by fuel cells running on hydrogen and a battery system, with no internal combustion engine.

"This new design for a compressed hydrogen RORO is part of a long-term cooperation between Aurelia and RINA in which we will develop liquefied hydrogen propulsion system that could be used for heavy lift, cruise and Ro-Pax vessels," Raffaele Frontera, founding partner of Aurelia Green Ship Concept Design, said in the statement.

"This cooperation with RINA will ensure that the design of renewable ships becomes a reality and does not remain a distant dream.

"From Aurelia we are synergising with RINA to achieve this out of the box design concept, we think big, we think about the future, we think about safety and our planet."