Blue INNOship Gleaned J. Lauritzen 5% Bunkers Savings in 2016, Says Company

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday June 8, 2017

J. Lauritzen A/S (J. Lauritzen) today said its participation in the innovation project Blue INNOship gleaned the company nearly 5 percent in fuel savings during the 2016 year compared to 2015.

"The total fuel saving corresponded to approximately 22,500 tonnes and thus enabled us to significantly reduce emissions of our fleet," said Sverre Patursson Vange, Head of Performance Management in J. Lauritzen.

"In addition, the new system has made it easier to monitor whether external tonnage suppliers live up to their contractual obligations when it comes to the speed and consumption of ships."

Under the initiative, J. Lauritzen, A/S Dampskibsselskabet TORM (Torm), VPS Vessel Performance Solutions, Aalborg University, and Force Technology have engaged in a working group intended to develop a vessel performance decision support tool to support increased energy efficient operations.

Combined cost savings for J. Lauritzen and Torm is said to have totalled approximately $10 million.

"The cost savings are noteworthy and of course welcomed in the light of the difficult market conditions. They are a result of the simple and transparent reports developed through the Blue INNOship initiative, as well as a more focused approach to performance," said Claus Winter Graugaard, Head of Fleet Management at J. Lauritzen.

"In addition, our focus on the processes around the optimisation of efficient ship operation has led to improved cooperation across our entire organisation."

J. Lauritzen says results from Blue INNOship highlights the importance of partnerships as a way of engaging and building leverage to address environmental issues and associated industry challenges.