Bimco to Members: Get Moving on Fuel Management

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday September 10, 2018

With the 0.5% sulfur bunker fuel switch only 16 months away, shipowners organisation Bimco has urged owners to a put a fuel-management plan in place for their ships.

In an article in its latest newsletter, Bimco cites shipping expert opinion on the efficacy of fuel management.

"Look at your fuel transition, put a lot of effort into your fuel-management plan and make sure you have run it before 1 January 2020," marine manager at Lloyd's Register James Forsdyke is quoted as saying.

The reasons as to why a fuel management plan is required are familiar to Ship & Bunker readers; fuel compatability for the new low sulfur fuel strands and availability being top of the list.

An outline of a fuel-management plan is suggested by Maersk Oil Trading.

The plan includes having a procedure to make sure old, high-sulfur fuel has been burned before the new cap starts and having a back up plan to clean fuel tanks if that becomes necessary.

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