Maersk Ups Interest in LNG Bunkers

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday April 15, 2016

Maersk Maritime Technology, part of Maersk Group, has joined the Society for Gas as Marine Fuel (SGMF) with the intention of enhancing its participation the development of liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkers, saying it may one day utilise LNG bunkers.

"We feel that it is important to take an active part in setting standards for LNG as marine fuel as we may become a user in the future," Paolo Tonon, head of Maersk Maritime Technology, told local media at the recent SGMF board meeting in Doha.

Commenting on the news, Mark Bell, SGMF's general manager said: "We are extremely pleased to welcome Maersk Maritime Technology to our network since the deep sea and container sector is, of course, extremely significant for the future development of LNG as marine fuel. The Maersk Group is one of the first large players from this segment to join our network."

Also at the meeting, John Hatley, Vice President of Wärtsilä Marine Solutions in America was elected to the SGMF's Board of Directors.

"I believe the SGMF will play a pivotal role in promoting the safe adoption of gas as a preferred fuel throughout the marine global markets, both today and in the future. It is my honour to represent Wärtsilä within this premier organization, and to assist the marine industry in its move forward into this new gas fuel era," said Hatley of the appointment.

SGMF is said to be intended to promote "safe and responsible operations for gas fuelled ships," encouraging the sharing of lessons learned, and training and industry development, as well as enhancing the coordination of regulatory agencies and principal stakeholders.

Earlier this month, Ship & Bunker reported that Nakilat's fleet management director Samir Bailouni, speaking to reporters following the Doha board meeting of the SGMF, said the industry "is facing a challenge" in finding alternatives to traditional bunkers, that are lower in sulfur and produce less emissions.