UECC, Wartsila Join Backers of Cashew Nut-Based Bunker Blends

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday March 29, 2024

A group of heavyweight industry stakeholders including United European Car Carriers (UECC), Wartsila, and Lloyd’s Register FOBAS this week have announced their backing for cashew nut-based bunker fuel.

So-called Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) has already made somewhat less favourable headlines this month with FOBAS warning use of the 'unestablished' blend component was behind a recent spate of engine fuel pump and injector related damage in Rotterdam.

“UECC has taken proactive steps to address these operational issues through its collaboration with LR FOBAS, Wartsila, and ACT Group in developing FSI.100,” UECC said in a statement his week.

FSI.100 is a CNSL-based biofuel created by supplier ACT Group.

“Following thorough testing on various blend combinations FSI.100 received approval from engine manufacturers as a 30% blend component in an ISO 8217 DMA grade distillate fuel oil to carry out sea trials, representing a significant stride in the progression of sustainable marine fuels,” UECC said.

“FSI.100 addresses concerns about the popularity and suitability of CNSL-based biofuels. It also offers compelling advantages: a certified sustainable, fully controlled supply chain that ensures traceability and accountability from the point of origin to extraction, conversion, and consumption. This approach enhances confidence in CNSL-derived marine fuels, reduces waste, and promotes resource efficiency, aligning with circular economy principles in the maritime sector.”

FSI.100 has been cleared by OEM, Class, and flag Administrations for sea-trials.