Shell Marine to Tackle Decarbonisation Goal

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday March 21, 2022

Shell Marine's partnership with box ship firm MSC to create a future fuel ship in five years' time will be replicated in other, similar projects, the company has said.

Part of the Shell Marine approach is to partner with key customers that will provide the vessels for Shell to test its technology.

Shell Marine's vice president Melissa Williams said more big names will be unveiled this year, according to maritime news provider Tradewinds.

But the whole question of which alternative marine fuel is best is some way from finding an answer.

From the shipowner's point-of-view, investing in new tonnage and the risk of being left with stranded assets is key.

To respond to shipowners' concerns, Shell set up a sector team in August to foster internal collaboration across several different departments to look at the whole supply chain.

However, feeling sure about the price and time frame for the supply of these new fuels is not yet feasible even though it's the question the market would like an answer to. 

Until renewable fuels are widely available it will be difficult to know what works best. 

"Until it's all green, it's not a solution," Williams was quoted as saying.