SPONSOR CONTENT: Sales of Smart Sounding Scale "Honesty" Exceeds 1000 Units

Thursday June 25, 2020

The Smart Sounding Scale "Honesty", developed in June 2014 to solve the problem of errors when measuring bunker fuel oil for ships due to the "Cappuccino Effect", has now sold over 1000 units and is being used onboard more than 500 vessels around the world.

Adopted for its high accuracy and efficiency, Honesty greatly reduces the time of tank sounding by about 75% compared to traditional methods.

Customers' of Honesty say the following:

  • "Honesty helps us greatly shorten the measurement time."
  • "Even inexperienced crews could easily measure with Honesty."
  • "We are able to find where the liquid surface is accurately with this new scale, even with a transparent liquid."
  • "With Honesty, we sped up the ballast tank measurement at the port of call where cargo is handled quickly."

In addition to reducing the measuring time of tank sounding by approximately 75%, it is also expected to prevent oil leakage accidents due to delays in measurement.

It is also clear that our customers have chosen Honesty as crews are able to get accurate measurement values with the innovative scale and to help prevent disputes with suppliers regarding the amount of fuel delivered.

In the marine industry, following the introduction of the IMO 2020 environmental regulations that came into effect on January 1, 2020, the use of MGO (marine gas oil) and similar transparent fuels is increasing. As it is difficult to measure these fuels with conventional tank sounding methods, the efficiency of Honesty has been attracting more and more attention.

In Japan it has been adopted by shipowners, ship management companies, shipyards, and Japan Coast Guard. We have also seen overseas shipowners and ship management companies adopt Honesty in markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Europe.

We are happy to add that some of our customers say that Honesty helps improve their work environment.