BIMCO Joins Just-in-Time Platform Blue Visby Consortium

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday November 15, 2022

BIMCO says to has joined the decarbonization platform Blue Visby Consortium.

The group aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from ships by about 15% via its 'Just-in-time' (JIT)  arrival platform.

Like similar systems, it uses various inputs such as port congestion and the movements of other vessels to algorithmically determine the best arrival times for groups of ships heading to the same destination.

In doing so, it eliminates the behaviour of ships travelling unnecessarily quickly to port, only to arrive and find they do not yet have a slot so have to sit at anchorage. This saves fuel and reduces emissions in the process.

"The Blue Visby Solution is not linked to any individual trade participant and is completely independent, so that the entire industry can trust it as a neutral and collaborative platform," it says.

For its part, Grant Hunter, Director, Standards, Innovation and Research at BIMCO, says the Blue Visby Solution "match BIMCO's mission to help facilitate digitalisation and decarbonisation."

"BIMCO supports and encourages practical and sustainable solutions to help reduce GHG emissions across the supply chain through operational measures. Such measures include speed optimisation that supports the use of the "Just-in-time" (JIT) principle to convert waiting time at ports into sailing time," he added.