LISW23: IBIA IMO Representative Casts Doubt on Effectiveness of Lobbying

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday September 15, 2023

The new IMO representative of bunker industry body IBIA has cast doubt on the possibility of the organisation lobbying to change emissions regulations.

Edmund Hughes, formerly head of air pollution and energy efficiency at the IMO, took up the role of IMO representative for IBIA at the start of this month.

He spoke on a panel session at a Safety4Sea event during London International Shipping Week on Thursday.

Asked whether his new role would involve lobbying in Washington, Brussels and Beijing over potential regional emissions regulations for shipping, he said, "The short answer is no."

"A lot of these decisions are not just based on what the shipping industry wants or needs," he told Ship & Bunker at the event.

"I wouldn't say it's pointless, you can give a perspective, and take the opportunity to find fault. but lobbying -- no."

Hughes will be speaking at the IBIA Annual Convention 2023 in Dubai in November.

The convention will be held at the Queen Elizabeth II Hotel in Dubai on November 7-9. For more information, click here.