IMO2020: Charterparties Advised to Make Separate Contractual Arrangements for Scrubber Equipped Tonnage

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday April 17, 2019

Charterparties should make separate contractual arrangements for the use and operation of a scrubber, The Standard Club has advised.

There are numerous additional factors to take into consideration when a vessel is equipped with a scrubber, but the club says existing time charterparties are not necessarily drafted with the upcoming regulatory change in mind, particularly when it comes to the use of alternative abatement technology such as a scrubber.

Such factors include identifying who will be responsible for its operation and maintenance, what responsibilities will be in cases of breakdown and/or deficiency, and what any impact could be on the speed and performance of a vessel.

Storage of compliant fuel on board and availability also needs to be considered, as this may require separate lines and tanks, or for existing lines and tanks to be cleaned to be fit to receive compliant fuel. 

Among other factors needing to be considered is the cost and time involved in dealing with the disposal of scrubber residues.

The Club’s full advice notice “scrubber FAQs for charterparties” can be read here: