ClassNK Releases New Alternative Fuels Insight Report

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday May 8, 2024

ClassNK today has released new report looking at the latest trends within the alternative bunker fuels space.

The free-to-access 67 page report, ClassNK Alternative Fuels Insight, comprises four chapters: Understanding regulations, Understanding trends, Understanding alternative fuels, and Understanding costs.

ClassNK says it plans to updated to document periodically in line with industry developments.

“Amidst the pressing need for society-wide reduction of GHG emissions, regulations aimed at further promoting GHG emission reductions in international shipping are being introduced. This heralds the arrival of an era where GHG emissions from ships will incur costs,” ClassNK said in a press release alongside the report’s launch.

“In such a situation, for reducing GHG emissions from ships, alongside energy efficiency improvements, the adoption of alternative fuels with lower environmental impacts will become essential in the future. However, given the wide range of alternative fuels available for ships, it is necessary to understand not only the technical aspects but also the trends, including fuel availability and cost forecasts, to make appropriate fuel selections.”

The current version of ClassNK Alternative Fuels Insight can be found here: