Jotun Launches New Hull Optimisation Service to Improve Ships' Fuel Efficiency

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday March 24, 2021

Marine technology company Jotun has launched a new hull optimisation service to help ships improve fuel efficiency.

Jotun's new service, Hullkeeper, is a "proactive hull optimisation programme," the company said in an emailed statement on Wednesday. 

It "is grounded in Jotun's proprietary fouling risk algorithm, supported by data from different sources to make fouling control and efficiency more predictable.

"By providing insight into issues before they occur, ship operators can take planned corrective actions.

"And as more data and information accumulate, best practices can be identified and implemented across the whole fleet."

Increased fuel consumption caused by hull fouling accounts for about 9% of the shipping industry's greenhouse gas emissions, according to Jotun.