ABS Releases "World's First" Guidance for SOx Scrubber Ready Vessels

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday October 12, 2015

Classification society ABS has announced the release of the "world's first" guide for SOx scrubber ready vessels.

The ABS Guide for SOx Scrubber Ready Vessels is said to be intended to help "members and clients in preparing newbuilds for future outfitting with a SOx exhaust gas cleaning system (EGCS)," and supports the classification notation for SOx Scrubber Ready Vessels. 

"The decision to build a new ship or retrofit an existing one is not simple due to uncertainty with the entry into force of the 0.50 percent global sulfur limit and cleaner fuel alternatives such as LNG (liquid natural gas)," said Howard Fireman, ABS Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President.

"The new ABS SOx Scrubber Ready notation provides a unique approach to future-proof assets, to implement cost-effective retrofits and to demonstrate a commitment to environmental performance."

The SOx Scrubber Ready notation is said to come in addition to ABS' existing EGCS notations.

In March, ABS announced the release of the second edition of its Bunkering of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)-fueled Marine Vessels in North America guidance.