Fuel Monitoring Solution Upgraded with Satellite Service

Monday June 25, 2012

Kemilinks International Pte Ltd (Kemilinks) is upgrading its Fuel Monitoring System to use the IsatData Pro satellite communication service by SkyWave Mobile Communications (SkyWave), the company has said in a press release.

SkyWave say the IsatData Pro service allows for immediate communication between land and sea to help companies control operational costs including minimising fuel costs.

Mr. SH Tay, Director of Marketing at Singapore-headquartered Kemilinks, said the "benefits include always knowing the location and operational performance of the vessel and having the capability to immediately make effective directives to correct operational inefficiencies."

Kemilinks' Fuel Monitoring System can be interfaced with a flow meter and other sensors, such as an engine control panel, anemometer or global positioning system (GPS), to capture data including engine RPM, engine load, propeller pitch, propeller load and rudder angle.

The resulting data can then be collected and transmitted back to a company's headquarters for analysis and to identify ways to improve the vessel's efficiency.

Jenn Markey, SkyWave's Director of Marketing and Product Management said that "combining Kemilinks' Fuel Monitoring System with IsatData Pro will bring significant changes to the telemetry environment."

The IsatData Pro service was launched by Ottawa, Canada based SkyWave last year and the company says it delivers "a significant increase in capability over other services already in the market" being able to "send more than 37 times more data."