Former Platts Ocean Intelligence Head Launches New Credit Reporting Company

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday May 31, 2019

Jason Silber, former Global Head of S&P Global Platts' Ocean Intelligence, has founded a new marine credit reporting firm, SeaCred LLC.

The New York-based firm is looking to refresh traditional marine credit reports with a streamlined, two-page offering that focuses on the business information critical for decision making.

"Marine credit reports have remained relatively static in structure for decades. Turns out many customers were interested in a tightly-packed, freshly-minted report that gets right to the point, delivering the essentials they need to make their time-sensitive decisions," Silber told Ship & Bunker.

"The SeaCred report is a disruptive credit and marketing instrument, containing just what counterparties need to make their business decisions."

At the core of the SeaCred report are several snapshots detailing company and sector condition, credit recommendation and references.  Each section features traffic light graphics to emphasize SeaCred's guidance on whether to proceed, exercise caution or steer clear.

Silber says to stay tuned for more exciting announcements on additional SeaCred products and services.

Contact details for SeaCred are as follows:

SeaCred LLC
New York NY, 10002 USA
P: +1 212 353 1995