DNV Gives Preliminary Approval to Ammonia-Ready Gas-Powered VLCC Design

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday August 20, 2021

Classification society DNV has given preliminary approval for its 'fuel-ready' notation to a gas-powered VLCC design, meaning the ship is designed to be converted to run on ammonia at a later date.

DNV has given its approval in principle to the tanker design from Samsung Heavy Industries, it said in an emailed statement on Friday. If awarded, the notation would mean the tank and structure in the vessel design are suitable for an ammonia retrofit.

"The global maritime industry is at a critical juncture in terms of being ready to respond with low-carbon ship design," Ho-hyun Jeong, head of engineering operations at Samsung Heavy Industries, said in the statement.

"Through DNV's AiP for ammonia 'Fuel Ready' design, SHI is making an effort for commercialization of alternative fuel solutions for global shipowners considering newbuildings or converting ammonia-fuelled ships in the future."

LNG as a bunker fuel is increasingly coming under fire from those who consider natural gas-fuelled shipping an expensive distraction that will not reduce the industry's greenhouse gas emissions. Designs for gas-powered ships that have the potential to be converted to run on ammonia at a later date once it becomes available are being used as a counter to these arguments.