IBIA Sees 'Clear Problem' With CII Regulation for Bunker Delivery Vessels

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday March 26, 2024

Industry body IBIA has reported a 'clear problem' for bunker delivery vessels in achieving a passing grade in the IMO's carbon intensity indicator (CII) regulation.

IBIA is set to submit a document to the next meeting of the IMO's Marine Environment Protection Committee in October to raise its concerns, it said in a note to members on Monday.

From last year all vessels larger than 5,000 GT have had calculated for them a CII rating based on historical data submitted to the IMO. The rating is a calculation of the CO2 the vessel emitted per unit of cargo capacity per nautical mile.

The rating will come as a letter between A and E, with A at the top of the scale, and ratings will be determined on an annual basis. Ships receiving a D rating for three years or an E rating for a single year will need to implement a ship energy efficiency management plan setting out their plans to improve their performance.

"Initial findings indicate a clear problem for bunker vessels to comply with limited scope for enhancing the operational energy efficiency to achieve the required C rating," IBIA said in the note.

"With the CII requirements expected to be strengthened after 2026, and following discussion by the Board, a draft document is to be prepared for submission to MEPC 82 in October as part of IBIA's contribution to the ongoing formal review of CII by IMO."

IBIA members wishing to provide information for use in the submission to the IMO should contact Edmund Hughes by April 30.