IBIA's Unni Einemo to Join Nuclear Tech Firm Core Power

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday July 10, 2023

Unni Einemo is set to join nuclear technology company Core Power upon stepping down as IBIA director next month.

Einemo will join Core Power on August 21, after leaving IBIA on August 15, she said in a LinkedIn post on Saturday. IBIA announced her upcoming departure last month.

The new hire at Core Power is likely to deliver a boost to interest in nuclear-powered shipping as a means of decarbonisation.

"Mikal Bøe, the Chairman and CEO of CORE POWER (UK) Ltd, has always been a trailblazer," Einemo said.

"He brought the bunker industry online in 1997 when he launched Bunkerworld, and invited me to come and work with him.

"This launched my career in the maritime sector, and it has been quite a journey! After nearly two decades as a reporter, analyst and editor for Bunkerworld, I joined IBIA in April 2016 as its IMO Representative and Communications Manager. I was promoted to Director to head the Association in September 2018.

"That was the same year that IMO adopted its initial GHG Strategy. It was also around that time Mikal told me about a new type of nuclear reactor which, due to its compact size, could lend itself to powering ships and deliver safe, zero-emission energy for the lifetime of the ship.

"I was truly intrigued. He set up CORE POWER in 2018 to start the journey toward making that concept a reality.

"The company is also developing floating nuclear plants which can provide the clean energy needed to produce alternative fuels that many ships currently under construction, or in the orderbooks, will be able to burn."

Bøe set out his views on the prospects for nuclear power in shipping in a recent interview with Ship & Bunker.