Barbados Port to Give Incentives to Fuel Efficient Vessels

Tuesday December 2, 2014

Rightship has announced that it is working with The Port of Barbados to develop an incentives program for energy efficient vessels.

"Barbados Port is an early adopter to this program, however we are one part of a coordinated effort across the industry to promote efficient shipping," said David Jean Marie, CEO of port operator Barbados Port Inc.

The program will rank the energy efficiency of vessels from A to G using Carbon War Room's monitoring system.

The most efficient vessels, which are given an A rating, are often rewarded in the form of reduced port fees. 

RightShip will also reportedly begin the groundwork for analyzing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions over time by benchmarking vessel arrivals.

“In this way we tailor the incentive program to ensure maximum benefit for the port community” said Anuj Chopra, vice president of Rightship's Americas operations. 

“Understanding current CO2 emissions of vessels, both in-port and for their entire journey, is a key factor in our program management.”

A similar program using the same rating system is currently already in place in the Canadian ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert

Early this year, Carbon War Room founder Richard Branson predicted that up to 10 ports could start offering the discount program in 2015.